• The number 4 is considered unlucky, so gifts should not be given in multiples of 4. Giving 7 of an item is considered lucky.
  • Blowing one’s nose at the table, even if the food is spicy, is mildly offensive. If necessary, take a trip to the toilet or at least be very discreet.
  • In restaurants and bars, pouring one’s own drink is a faux pas. Keep an eye on your neighbors’ glasses and fill them if they are empty; they will do the same. To avoid over drinking, simply leave the glass near full. When pouring drinks, hold bottle in right hand, lightly place left hand on forearm near elbow.
  • When someone of a significantly higher social position pours you a drink, it is considered proper to turn away from that person when you drink it.

  • Leaving a gratuity is usually not accepted nor expected.
  • When handing an item to someone, it is considered rude to only use a single hand. Under most circumstances, especially when interacting with a stranger or a superior, one uses the right hand supported by the left hand.
  • Even though mentality evolved, women smoking in public is sometimes not accepted, despite being legally allowed.
  • A couple kissing each other in public is a faux pas, since it is not seen as modest

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